My life used to center around self-hate, lack, and scarcity. My father used to work as a journalist in Greece. He lost his job in 1990, and we struggled for many years.

In my early twenties, in my first ever job, I earned just £3.25 an hour as a security guard. And then later, just £870 a month, working in telesales for a training company. I would steal office supplies and toilet paper from my employers, to save money. I would shoplift food from the supermarkets I was supposed to guard at night. I would lie to my landlord, sublet a room of my apartment, and keep the money.

After all, it was unfair that they had money, and I didn’t, right?

I saw lack everywhere. That’s what I focused on. I believed that “there isn’t ENOUGH.” Because there wasn’t enough, I had to “get mine” every chance I could. I was thinking, “How can I do LESS work for my employer (provide less value) and get paid MORE?”

With such a mindset, it wasn’t long before I was broke. Within three years, I was £7,000 in debt. I got fired from my job. I became homeless, and lived five months in a derelict building, as an illegal squatter. I felt I couldn’t even afford 20 pence on broccoli (because I was in so much debt). I would marvel at how people could afford to buy a £1,000 laptop…

 “It would take me 3 years if I was still in a job to save up enough money to afford one… if I ever managed to save up any money at all!”

 The more I focused on lack, scarcity, and debt, the more it expanded in my life. I was definitely not focused on adding value to my fellow human beings. But then one day, something changed. I discovered a set of exercises that helped transform my relationship to money, and helped me develop a mindset of ‘Abundance’… I realized that there is plenty out there and more than enough for everyone. The new mindset I developed allowed me to earn millions while doing what I loved!

 Here are 10 Secrets To Creating an ‘Abundance’ Mindset:

  1. Focus on abundance

The Law of Attraction states that fear attracts like energy and what you focus on expands. Focus on scarcity and… you only attract more scarcity in your life.

Conversely, if you focus on everything you have, everything you are grateful for, and on all the abundance in the world… then you will move towards (and attract more) abundance in your own life.

Focus on the abundance all around you and in your life! See the abundance of resources, love, relationships, wealth, opportunities… all around you! an endless supply! Read success stories and attend ‘success seminars’! Don’t focus on ‘lack’ or what you don’t have. Remind yourself that there is more than enough.

Focus on adding value, rather than on ‘taking’ from others. Focus on becoming resourceful and coming up with solutions, rather than focus on your ‘problems’.

There are 248 TRILLION DOLLARS in circulation in the world! If all the wealth in the world was distributed evenly, we would all be multi-millionaires—in other words, there is an abundance of wealth all around us.

There is money on every street, in every house, in every car, in every town, in every city, in every county, in every country, on every continent… there is PLENTY of money around!

Look at all the incredible infrastructure that has been built around you! the buildings, the roads, the airports, the planes, the restaurants, the sewage systems, the water pipes, the electricity grid…  hundreds of trillions of dollars! YOU didn’t need to pay for any of that!

Business is not a zero sum game. There isn’t a set ‘pie’ that everyone has to share, and if someone has more then there’s less for the rest. That’s a fallacy.

Entrepreneurs create NEW value that didn’t exist before, so the central bank of that country increases the money supply to accommodate for this new growth. The result? EVERYONE in that economy benefits from that increased abundance created by the entrepreneur.

  1. Be grateful for what you do have

Be grateful for what you do have.  Remind yourself regularly of all you have to be grateful for and all the abundance in your life!

In fact, remind yourself on a daily basis (count your blessings every night, before going to sleep).

Spend time with people who have less, people who are less fortunate than you are… this will give you a different perspective on your life, and will help you appreciate more just how wealthy you are!  

  1. Take responsibility for your life

Accept full responsibility for everything in your life. Take responsibility for your past choices, decisions, actions and inactions. YOU created your current life circumstances… good or bad… and this means YOU have the power to create SOMETHING NEW!

You CREATE the level of abundance in your life with the power of your MIND.

Money is nothing but the measure of the VALUE you create for other people.  The more VALUE you create and deliver (by providing people with useful solutions, products, services…) THE MORE MONEY FLOWS TO YOU!

YOU are in control of your level of prosperity and abundance! So take control of your mind and focus on gratitude and abundance and on producing value!

You are NOT a ‘victim’! Complaining and blaming external circumstances for your problems is the surest way to create a crappy life…


  1. Celebrate Other People’s Success!

In addition, embrace and celebrate other people’s success! If it is possible for them, it is possible for you too!

If you are the kind of person who talks negatively about successful or wealthy people, you are subconsciously programming yourself for poverty and lack. Why? Because deep down you don’t want to be criticized and ostracized, and you are showing your subconscious that that’s what happens when you achieve success… Your subconscious mind will therefore do whatever it takes to keep you in your comfort zone and away from that ‘danger’ or ‘pain’.


  1. Cut out TV and media consumption

Cut out TV, YouTube, news and media consumption. Eliminate advertising from your field of vision. It is designed to make you feel bad about yourself and put you in a state of scarcity and fear. Read and listen to positive and empowering personal development content instead.


  1. Raise Your Standards!

 Think Big, set Big Goals, focus every day on your compelling, inspirational goals rather than on ‘lack’… and raise your standards! EXPECT MORE from yourself, expect abundance.


  1. Upgrade Your Peer Group: Hang around with wealthy, successful, and positive people

 Cut out negative people and complainers… typically, they live in scarcity and they don’t take responsibility for their lives… They’ll drag you down with them.

Instead, hang around people who have an ‘Abundance’ mindset, people who are positive and who ‘lift you up’.


  1. Act Abundant And Be Generous – The More You Give, The More You Receive

 Give generous tips and give money to homeless people/worthy causes. You’ll see you have more than enough.

Give more of what you want. Although it may sound counterintuitive, one of the best ways to increase your abundance is to give.

Give more of your time… give more of your wealth… give more of your love and respect…

You will discover that you have more than enough to give around, and that the more you give, the more you receive.

An interesting thing happened in my life when I stepped up as a ‘leader’ and started writing books and doing seminars. All the things I had been trying so hard to GET all my life, by ‘taking’… came to me effortlessly and in huge amounts when I began to GIVE.

Wealth, Abundance, Financial Security, Recognition, Admiration, Acceptance, Respect LOVE, Self-Esteem and self-respect, Confidence, Peace of mind, feeling grateful, Sex…


  1. Become More RESOURCESFUL: It Is Never About Resources, It’s About Resourcefulness!

Don’t say “I can’t afford that…”  That instantly shuts down your creativity and resourcefulness, and puts you in a state of lack and sadness. Instead, ask yourself “HOW can I afford that?”

View challenges and problems as OPPORTUNITIES. Chances are, other people experience this problem, which means… it’s a possible niche and you can create a product or solution for it!

If I need to raise funds for a project, here’s what I do:

  • I brainstorm 30 ways HOW I can raise the money.
  • I ask myself “Who can help me raise the money?”
  • I ask myself what can I offer in exchange, that is worth e.g. £100,000?
  • How can I write a business plan & get an INVESTOR to put up the funds?
  • How can I find 20 investors and ‘pitch’ my business idea to them?
  • How can I “pound the pavement”, talk to investors one after the other, UNTIL someone says “Yes!”? (I only need ONE ‘yes’ and I’m in business!)
  • What can I SELL to raise the money?
  • What OFFER can I put together and SELL, to raise the money?
  • How can I get 5 people to give me £20,000 each?


The ‘Abundance’ mindset flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth. Realize the value you have within yourself… When you develop a ‘millionaire mindset’ (resourceful and determined)… you just KNOW that you can create millions, at will, with the power of your mind, even if you had to start over.


  1. Create Win-Win Situations!

 One of the most common fears I come across when I am coaching a client is: “There is too much competition… all the good ideas are taken…”

NO! That is a major fallacy! There is NO competition! If there are a lot of people selling in a specific marketplace (I am talking about the ‘info-products’/seminar & coaching field) it means that there is MONEY there to be made.

It also means that each one of these ‘competitors’ has your ideal prospects on their mailing list, and that you need to focus on creating a win-win situation!

People with a scarcity mentality tend to see the world with FEAR. They tend to see everyone as competition, and they tend to see every relationship as ‘win-lose’: “It’s either me or him! I’ve got get in there first! I’ve got to quickly ‘get mine’ before they take it from me!”

People with an ‘Abundance’ mindset, on the other hand, seek to create mutually beneficial joint ventures, alliances, and partnerships. Instead of ‘competitors’, what you have is collaborators. Together, everyone achieves more.

Some examples: I gave away 50% of my ebook sale price as a commission to affiliates on Clickbank. Affiliates generated $2.4 MILLION in sales of my ebooks, of which I got half for no work (other than writing the ebooks).

Instead of competing in my marketplace, I organized and promoted live seminars where 14 of them would come and speak on my stage. I got 50% of the sales from 14 experts, without doing any of the work myself.

I also organized JV webinars – the JV partner would create an offer and present it to my mailing list, and I got 50% of the sales… for doing no work.

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