One of the fundamental Laws governing our Universe is The Law of Attraction. One of its consequences is that living life at the bottom end of the vibrational scale of emotions (fear, depression, insecurity, unworthiness, anger, pessimism, blame, guilt…) is bound to attract more negative situations and circumstances into your life.

Choose instead to live a life of Joy, Passion, Freedom, Love, and Appreciation. These positive emotions vibrate at a much higher frequency. Focus on what you are grateful for and on your positive goals, for example, and better things will manifest in your life.

Here are 14 ways to raise your vibrational frequency and transform your life:

#1 – Love Yourself

The number one thing you must do in order to move forward in life, and raise your vibrational frequency, is to love yourself. This is not always an easy thing to do, yet it is a crucial first step, if you want to improve your life. You must accept yourself for who and what you are. We really have to make peace with ourselves.

 Loving yourself strengthens everything in you. Doubting yourself, criticizing yourself, hating yourself, judging yourself, bad-mouthing yourself, belittling yourself, etc. weakens you.

#2 – Love Others

Be more loving, understanding, forgiving towards others. People who love themselves are usually very caring, generous and kind to others too; they express their self-confidence through humility, forgiveness and inclusiveness. Do something for someone else. Meet up with a friend. Hug some people. Play with puppies. Ask yourself, What would love do now?

Studies have proven that doing something kind for people produces a reduction in feelings of depression, hostility, isolation, and helplessness, and enhanced feelings of joy, self-worth, emotional resilience and optimism. Interestingly, observing an act of kindness or generosity also releases endorphins in people’s bloodstreams and makes them feel great!

 If love is indeed the great unifying energy that makes up our Universe, it stands to reason that acting in accordance with our true nature (love) would produce feelings of wellbeing in us. Also, kindhearted individuals tend to have more fulfilling relationships, a lower divorce rate, a stronger sense of spirituality, deep feelings of self-worth, jobs they love, and lived longer lives.

#3 – Be Grateful

Be grateful for who you are, what you have, and what you are experiencing – and have experienced in the past. Be grateful for your powers of creation. Be grateful for your goals and visions that are yet to occur in your reality. That is the mindset you need in order to manifest more abundance in your life.

Focusing on what you are grateful for is one of the most powerful ways to elevate your vibrational frequency. One of the first things I ever did when I started on this journey of personal development, to break free from my 8-year long depression, was to write down 20 things I was grateful for, and 20 things I was proud of. It helped shift my energy considerably. You can choose to focus on ‘what is wrong with you’ or you can focus on your positive goals, affirmations, the person you want to become, and what you have to be grateful for.

My advice: wake up in the morning and say “Thank You” for this brand new day. Set a powerful intention for the day (“I’m having an AMAZING, SUPER-PRODUCTIVE, FUN DAY today!”; “A MIRACLE is going to happen in my life today!”). At night, before going to sleep, express gratitude for the wonderful things that occurred in your life that day.

 #4 – Be In Integrity

Be truthful and honest. The truth always raises your vibrational frequency. Lying and inauthenticity lowers it.

You clean up your life by living a life with a good moral compass, and by having integrity in all your daily activities. And if you haven’t done so up until now, forgive yourself – and those that have trespassed against you – make the necessary rectifications, and start afresh.

#5 – Dissolve Your Fears

Nothing represses human potential and diminishes energy levels as living in fear and worry. Demonstrate courage and face your fears. And remember: it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You don’t need to win anybody’s approval. Live your life on your terms. Dissolve fear through love. As Neale Donald Walsch puts it, “All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions – Love or Fear. Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hides, hoards, harms. Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares, heals.”

#6 – Move Your Body, Exercise

Research shows that walking 10% faster than usual with your head held high makes it impossible to feel depressed. Tell that to the $11-billion-a-year antidepressants industry!

Go for a walk, run, jump, dance, exercise… move your body! Our physiology is a wonderful tool for improving our mood, raising our energy level and vibrational frequency, not to mention it detoxifies the body. Ever felt unmotivated to go to the gym, but went anyway and felt energized after a good workout?

#7 – Laugh!

When you laugh you strengthen your energy field, you strengthen your aura, and you strengthen your immune system. Remember: Truth, Love, and Joy are divine attitudes. Some people have laughed themselves into healing, and even cured themselves of cancer by watching funny movies (Norman Cousins claims to have cured himself of cancer through laughter therapy, watching funny films for 8 hours a day). “Laughter is a sign of an elevated spirit, laughter heals the body, and opens up the chakras to take healing energy inside”, Barbara Marciniak points out.

#8 – Have Positive Thoughts, Use Positive Words

 Positive thoughts and words raise your vibrational frequency, and negative ones drain you.

When you wake up in the morning, set a positive intention: “I’m going to have an AMAZING day today!” And use affirmations daily! “I Am Amazing! I Am Inspiration! I Am Power!

Whenever you find yourself saying a negative statement about yourself or a situation, or thinking a negative thought, stop yourself, realize that words have a creative power to them (negative statements attract and manifest more negativity into your life), and come up with a more empowering and positive way to view the situation. For example, when I catch myself thinking some particularly murderous thoughts about someone that wronged me, I place a brown ‘X’ through that visual image, and I look at the situation from a more detached, elevated perspective: why am I manifesting this situation? What is the lesson? What would love and understanding do now?

And, very important: cut your television viewing by at least 90%, and for the love of God stop watching and reading the news…

#9 – Surround Yourself With Positive People

The physical world is actually a vast system of energy. There is a subtle energy that flows between people. Have you ever noticed how you feel good around people who are loving, non-judgemental, positive, secure in themselves, with high self esteem? And conversely, you feel tired and drained around other people?

Stay away from people who drain your energy! Many people feel insecure and weak, so they resort to shouting at you, swearing, causing conflict, bullying, putting you down, or simply having subtle digs at you and your appearance… in order to steal some of your energy and strengthen their own.

When I was growing up, my father was on antidepressants. His moods would swing wildly from depressed lows to manic ‘highs’ depending on which pills he was popping. He would often walk into a room, make us feel bad by saying something nasty, mean, and manipulative – to my sisters, me, or mainly my mother – and then walk out feeling better. It was a sort of energy vampirism.

People like this are disconnected from the source of boundless energy – God-Mind, Source (the clue is in the name! ha!). This is why meditation has so many incredible benefits, by the way.

Call special friends or relatives who uplift your mood. Have fun! Organize fun days out with your – positive, loving – friends! This is another great way to connect with people, share laughter and fun, and it raises your vibrational frequency!

#10 – Do What You LOVE

Do something every day that makes you happy. Do the things you LOVE to do. Do the things that make you happy. Give lovingly.

When you live life on your terms, going after your purpose and your mission, you feel better about yourself. When you don’t, not only does your body break down, but your mental state does as well.

Make a list of all the things that make you happy. And make a list of all the things that make you unhappy. Ask yourself why these things make you unhappy (usually it has something to do with your childhood). Work diligently to eliminate the things that make you feel unhappy and move towards realizing and experiencing regularly – daily, even – the things that make you happy. Sounds simple enough, right?

Take time every day to do or experience something that makes you feel happy all the time. At least once per month, do something more special that makes you happy. And of course, what will make you most happy and contented with your life is when you listen to your heart and follow your true path in life, instead of doing things merely out of obligation or to please others.

#11 – Create Beauty; Surround Yourself With Beauty

 Barbara Marciniak advises us to ‘create beauty’ in our lives. Beauty opens our senses and makes us more psychic. That’s the true meaning of Art. To make Beauty. And then to have that Beauty really stimulate our senses, so we can move beyond the reality we are in, and sense our connectedness to other realities, because reality is multi-dimensional. […] Give reverence to the earth. Give thanks to all the elements. Do everything you can to honour. Honour with action, honour with vision, honour with words. Make beauty. Whether it’s the way you arrange your room…. so that you wake up and see beauty… or loving nature and making the land you are on more beautiful.”

 #12 – Connect With Nature

Connect with nature, every day. Walk barefoot in grass, visit a park, go into the sea, spend twenty minutes in the sun… This helps align you with the Earth’s natural resonance and raises your vibrational frequency.

 #13 – Connect to Source

 Your energy levels and vibrational frequency increase when you meditate regularly. The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said: “More than money, more than love, more than just about anything, I love ENERGY. I love it and I pursue it, and I want more of it. Physical and mental energy to me is the greatest riches of human life. And meditating is like this free account of an endless amount of energy.”

#14 – Cleanse Your Body

Cut out processed foods, sugar, alcohol, soft drinks, bread, dairy products, pharmaceutical drugs, chemical beauty and cleaning products. Detox regularly, cleanse your body, and eat living foods (organic sprouts, fruit, vegetables). This will raise your vibrational frequency, energy, and vitality beyond anything you can imagine!

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