I receive hundreds of emails and messages a day, from people all over the world who wish to improve their financial situation. The #1 question I get, usually, is something along the lines of “How Can I Make Money Quickly & Easily?”

Before addressing the remedy (how to earn more), it is important to correctly diagnose the cause of the problem. Therefore, I’ll answer the above question by first explaining The 7 Reasons Why You Are Not Rich Yet.


Reason #1 – You are not delivering enough VALUE

Money is nothing but the measure of the value you create for other people. If you want to earn 10 times more money than you currently do, you must add 10 times more value to people’s lives. How? It’s simple: by providing the solutions, products, and services they want and need.

No one will ever give you money because you WANT it. They will give you money because of the value you will provide them in exchange.

Brian Tracy describes the ‘Law Of Income’ as: “You Get Paid In Direct Proportion To The Amount Of VALUE You Deliver According To The Marketplace.”  

 Earl Nightingale says: “You Become Rich By Enriching Others!”

 Zig Ziglar adds: “In life you can get ANYTHING you want… as long as you help enough other people get what THEY want!”


Reason #2 – You are not applying enough LEVERAGE

You need to learn how to make more money in less time and with less effort – and the secret to doing just that is ‘leverage’. There is a simple equation that I teach at my seminars, which is:

Money = Value x Leverage

I can click a button and send an email with an offer to my 170,000 email subscribers. It would take me less than five minutes to compose that message. That is an example of leverage.

There are 8 types of leverage and, chances are, you are using none of them. In fact, you are probably being leveraged.


Reason #3 – You don’t have a clear enough VISION or MISSION

 The clearer you are on what you want exactly (your vision for your life)—and why you want it—the faster it manifests in your reality. If you get absolutely crystal clear on exactly what you want, and focus only on that, it’s almost impossible for you not to get it.

Most people do not spend the time necessary to consciously design their life.

Instead of focusing on how YOU can make more money, focus on being on a MISSION to deliver value TO OTHER PEOPLE. “A mission is the best way to meet the most amount of your values, while adding the most amount of value to others.” – Dr. John Demartini


 Reason #4 – You are not tapping into the CREATIVE POWER OF YOUR MIND

 On a daily basis I use the tools of Creative Visualization, Affirmations, and even hypnosis and subliminal software, to tap into the awesome creative power of my unconscious mind.

Do you?


Reason #5 – You are exchanging your TIME for money

Are you selling products and services delivered by your team, or are you selling your time?

You only have eight or so hours of your time available each day. If you are selling your time, your earning potential is severely limited. Selling products, on the other hand, allows you to have websites, shops, affiliates, sales people, agents, etc. sell them for you, so that you earn money while you sleep. Your earning potential becomes uncapped (limitless).


Reason #6 – You have LIMITING BELIEFS about MONEY

Most people’s values and beliefs are simply not conducive to building wealth.

Here are just some examples of people’s limiting or ‘negative’ beliefs about money:

“You have to be born wealthy, to be a millionaire…”

“It takes luck to be a millionaire…”

“You have to be a crook to get rich…”

“It’s hard to make money… money doesn’t grow on trees…”

“To make money you have to take it from someone else, and they’ll have less. It’s not fair…”

“To make money you have to take advantage of other people, but I’m a good person…”

“What if I fail? What will people think of me? I’ll be ridiculed!”

“If I make more money than my friends they won’t like me anymore.”

“It’s not fair that some people have more than others… so I’ll remain poor…”

“People fight over money, so it is better to not have any.”

“Money is the root of all evil… so it’s better if I don’t have any…”

“To make money I’ll have to work harder and I won’t have time to enjoy it, so why even try?”

“If I get rich, everyone’s going to want a handout…”


These are just a few of the hundreds of limiting beliefs I have come across over the years in my coaching business.


Reason #7 – You don’t have a MENTOR

Your very best thinking has got you exactly where you are today.

It was your best ideas and decisions (the best your present ideas and mindset could provide you) that got you in your current state of lack, scarcity, poverty, debt, etc.

You need a superior, more ‘elevated’ point of view and perspective on your problem, in order to solve your problem. As Albert Einstein wrote: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

The Internet millionaire Armand Morin wrote: “It is crazy, in today’s world, to be going for the ‘trial and error’ approach to business.  Just get a mentor and follow a PROVEN success formula!”

Whatever I have wanted to achieve in my life, I first sought out a mentor who had achieved those kinds of results. My ‘ebook publishing’ mentor showed me his methods, and that helped me generate $2.4m in sales from ebooks. My ‘seminar promotion’ mentor showed me how to earn millions from organizing live events. And my ‘publishing’ mentor showed me how to get my book to become a New York Times bestseller and earn $1.7m in 12 weeks on the back of that.

Get yourself a mentor. It saves you years of wasted efforts and gets you ‘there’ faster.


* * * * * * * * * * *


Going back to the original question of “How Can I Make Money Quickly & Easily?”, the answer now becomes obvious—though not popular:


  • Get a mentor
  • Get clear on what you want, and focus only on what you want
  • Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs about money
  • Brainstorm 100 ways how you can add more value
  • Sell products rather than your time
  • Use the 8 types of leverage in your business


If you keep doing what is easy, life becomes hard. Do what is hard, and life becomes easy.


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