Here is a quick rundown of my strategy for quickly overcoming ‘problems’:

  1. Know exactly what you want – Know your outcome!
  2. Get in a resourceful STATE. Change the way you are using your Physiology! Go for a run, jump up and down, rock out to your favourite high-energy tunes, get your body moving!
  3. Ask yourself and write down the answers to some quality problem-solving questions:
    • What must I do to turn things around?
    • How can I achieve this easily and quickly, and enjoy the process?
    • What resources are at my disposal? Who could help me? (win-win)
    • Make a list of the people who could help you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    • Who do I know that has gone through this before?
    • What do I need to do to make this work? Who do I need to be?
    • What can I learn from this? What is unbelievably GREAT about this challenge?
    • What would happen if I did try this approach?
  4. Write down 100 reasons why you MUST achieve this outcome – this will provide you with huge motivation and ‘leverage’ over yourself!
  5. Become Super-Resourceful: Brainstorm 100 solutions!
  6. Reprogram your mind and Focus ONLY on what you want!
  7. Make a Plan of Action and Take massive, intelligent action! (notice what is working and make adjustments until you reach your desired outcome!)

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