“I Used This Incredible Software
To Earn £40,000 a Month; I Couldn’t
BELIEVE What Happened Next…”



From The Desk of Mark Anastasi, C.E.O, Inspired Marketing Group




Dear Wealth Seeker,


What I am about to share with you might sound bizarre.


Or too good to be true.


And yet every single word you are about to read is the truth.


The story I am about to share with you is about the most incredible, most life-changing product I’ve ever come across.



Mark Anastasi and his wife in front of their house, days before the birth of their twin girls


No, it’s not some miracle anti-wrinkle cream that makes me look youthful – no, I credit clean living and regular detoxes for that…  ;)


The product I am referring to is a SOFTWARE.


Sure, there is a lot of software tools out there, and Microsoft Office is great and all, but does it MAKE YOU EARN TEN TIMES MORE MONEY, EFFORTLESSLY?


Because that’s what this specific tool did for me, in early 2006.



The Prosperity Power software can change your life;

just choose your preferred program and click ‘START’




Change Your Thinking, And
You Will Change Your Life



Let me go back to the beginning.


The year is 2004, and I am broke, in debt, and living in an abandoned building in London.


derelict building

Mark Anastasi lived in an abandoned building in London for

five months, before discovering the secret that would change his life forever…




I had worked as a security guard for a couple of years, and then briefly—and unsuccessfully—as a telesales agent. I got fired from my job in 2003, and two months later I was thrown out of my apartment.


Eager to improve my situation, I attended a personal development seminar.


One of the key things I learned was that “our invisible world creates our visible world”.




What does this mean?


It means that our thoughts, beliefs, and values (things that are invisible, in our mind) determine our decisions, actions, and RESULTS in the real, ‘visible’ world.


Whatever you focus on and think about MOST… becomes your manifest reality. Focus on poverty, lack, and ‘problems’, and you’ll only attract more of precisely that.



It is not enough to change one’s actions. The change must occur before… at a much deeper level.


Has this ever happened to you?


You’re fed up with your job.


You don’t like where you live.


Your relationship is a drag.


The Multi-Level Marketing opportunity is not making you rich yet.


And your latest diet is not really working either.


So what do you do?


You take ACTION, right?


You go to another seminar.


You try a different MLM/business opportunity.


You move to a different apartment. Heck, a different city! Or even country!


You quit your job and join a new firm.


While you’re at it, you dump what’s-his/her-face and find a new squeeze!


You join the gym, and, while you’re on Amazon, you order the latest diet book with awesome before-and-after pictures, promising RESULTS!


What could possibly go wrong?!




Yes, you. 


You could go wrong.




A few weeks or months go by… and then one day it HITS you.




You are dealing with the exact same issues as in our old job… the same creepy boss and pesky coworkers…


Your new relationship, which was so shiny and exciting at first, is… becoming a real drag.


You quit the gym and the diet after three days… like last time.


And your bank account is STILL stuck on exactly the same amount!


“But I’m working HARDER THAN EVER!! I DON’T GET IT!!” you yell out, to no avail.


Like I said earlier…


It is not enough to change one’s actions.


The change must occur somewhere else…





The Seminar That Changed My Life


After attending that seminar, in 2004, I decided to do something radical.


I was fed up with being broke. So I did the “mindset” and self-analysis exercises they recommended.




No wonder I was broke, in debt, and homeless!


Here are just some examples of people’s limiting or ‘negative’ beliefs about money, by the way:


q   “It’s hard to make money… money doesn’t grow on trees…”

q   “It takes luck to be a millionaire…”  

q   “If I make more money than my friends they won’t like me anymore.”

q  “It’s not fair that some people have more than others… so I’ll remain poor…”

q  “People fight over money, so it is better to not have any.”

q  “Money is the root of all evil… so it’s better if I don’t have any…”

q  “To make money I’ll have to work harder and I won’t have time to enjoy it, so why even try?”

q  “If I get rich, everyone’s going to want a handout…”


These are just a few of the hundreds of limiting beliefs I have come across in the 16,000 people who have attended my seminars in the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Switzerland, Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Their conscious and subconscious minds are pulling them in two different directions. No wonder their lives are going nowhere!




But back to my story.


The year is 2004. I’ve just discovered that I have LOTS of limiting beliefs—that I wasn’t even aware of, consciously—preventing me from EVER achieving success.


Ever heard stories of lottery winners who end up broke and in even more debt two years later? Why does this happen? Because they received the money… but THEY STILL HAD A ‘POOR PERSON’S’ MINDSET!


They simply regressed back to where they were ‘comfortable’.


Or rather… where their subconscious was comfortable. Being broke was their identity. It was all they knew.


Being RICH on the other hand, was way outside their comfort zone. They didn’t know what to do when all that money—tens of millions, in some cases—came flooding in.


OK, OK, back to my story, and here’s what happened:


I eliminated my limiting beliefs and started programming my subconscious mind with good, positive beliefs about money.


28 days later I started earning $10,000 a month! I was over the moon!


I could see that those exercises were working!


But then in September 2005… I came across a software that would change everything.


It was a simple tool that flashed your goals and your positive affirmations, on your computer screen, every 5 seconds, for just 1/10th of a second.


I downloaded it and installed it in a matter of seconds.



The Prosperity Power™ software takes less than two minutes to download, install, and use. It’s easy!





This is an example of the positive affirmations you will be programming your subconscious with
a few moments from now, conditioning your mind for effortless success and prosperity



I typed in my new goal—a crazy, really ambitious goal—in the form of an affirmation (“I earn £40,000 a month”) and I clicked ‘START’.


The software went to work.


Every five seconds… for just a tenth of a second… too fast for it to be distracting or even noticeable… the sentence would flash randomly on my computer screen.


“I earn £40,000 a month”


It looks like this… if you can catch it:




The positive affirmations appear for just 1/10th of a second, every 5 seconds;
THAT is how the subconscious mind gets ‘programmed’ – through repetition.



Turns out… your subconscious mind gets programmed through REPETITION.


And it works at MUCH HIGHER SPEEDS than


The software went to work in re-programming my mind with positive beliefs about money and about my earning potential.



It Reprogrammed My Mind
7,000 Times a Day, Effortlessly


Up to 7,000 times A DAY my subconscious mind was being programmed with “I earn £40,000 a month”.


(at a clip of one subliminal message every 5 seconds… and there are 3600 seconds in an hour… I was being ‘programmed for success’ 720 times an hour, effortlessly).


It was like attending a daily personal bootcamp, but it was EFFORTLESS and FREE.


I didn’t know it at the time, but what the software was doing was creating ‘neuro-associations’ in my brain, between the concept of “I” (my identity) and the concept of “earning £40,000 a month”.



Thousands of new ‘connections’ were being made in my brain, every day, effortlessly!



If you believe “I am the greatest martial arts teacher on the face of the Earth!”, you will ACT that way, and you will MANIFEST the results that are aligned with that belief.


Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t… you’re right!


Your beliefs are the floodgates that open up the power and possibility within you.


Here is how it works:



Our potential in what we want to do is unlimited. You truly can be, do, and have anything you set your mind to.


Our beliefs about ourselves (e.g. “I am an OUTSTANDING martial arts teacher”) allow us to tap into our potential…


We take action in line with what we believe is possible for us…


These actions produce results. Our beliefs are reinforced by the results of our actions. Great results reinforce your positive beliefs about yourself.


Knowing that you can successfully get a result, you then tap into more of your potential.


This is the cycle of success.


According to Anthony Robbins, how much of our potential we tap into…


…determines the type of actions we take and therefore the kind of RESULTS we get.


Essentially, it determines what kind of life we have.


But most people don’t tap into much of their potential AT ALL, because of their negative BELIEFS!


By creating a new, better, stronger, more confident IDENTITY, with a new set of BELIEFS, you start tapping into infinitely MORE of your potential, take different actions, and create completely different RESULTS in your life! 







My Income Skyrocketed 300%


Four months after I started using the software… I earned £43,000 in a single month. A massive breakout month for my business! My income had just skyrocketed 300% from one month to the next!


But the last sale was refunded, so I ended up… with EXACTLY £40,000! The exact amount I had been programming my subconscious for!




This quite literally ‘blew my mind’. I couldn’t believe HOW EASY this had been!






But I had to make sure! Maybe it was just a fluke! A freak coincidence!


So I changed the programming to “I earn £100,000 a month”.


I was convinced it was IMPOSSIBLE! I mean, who the heck earns £100,000 a month?!


It was definitely way out of my realm of possibility or even imagination.


And yet…


…even though I myself didn’t think it was possible…


…the following month… February 2006… I earned £150,000 in a weekend.


In fact, I earned £1,160,000 during the whole of 2006.


As you can imagine, my life changed quite dramatically from then on…








Enjoying the Iru Fushi resort in the Maldives

Reading Steve Jobs’s biography while in the jacuzzi


Another Jacuzzi… this time on the island of Santorini in Greece


Spearfishing on the island of Paros



Sailing in Corfu



I also used this software to program myself for success in a number of other areas, such as


a)      My wife and I finally getting pregnant and having children (achieved in 2015 – sure, my wife played a part… ;)


b)      My book becoming a New York Times Bestseller and Wall Street Journal Bestseller, and getting featured on TV in different countries around the world (achieved in 2012)


c)      My international book tour generating $1.7m in 12 weeks (achieved in 2013)


This software can help you create exactly what you want, effortlessly! It works like MAGIC.


Mark Anastasi’s book ‘The Laptop Millionaire’ became

a New York Times bestseller and Wall Street Journal bestseller












How could this simple piece of software, that took all of 2 minutes to install and start, produce such INCREDIBLE results?


And did anybody else know about this?!


I did some research…


It turns out, some VERY successful people used subliminal messages to become successful.


Ever heard of Tiger Woods?


His father was a psychologist, and knew about the power of ‘programming the mind’ thanks to this new technology.


Tiger Woods was programmed for ‘peak performance’ thanks to subliminal messages, producing a $450 MILLION DOLLAR fortune in the process.






Anthony Robbins himself used subliminal messages to turn his life around and become successful.


He built a $400 MILLION DOLLAR fortune in the process!




Author and entrepreneur John Assaraf recommends using subliminal software technology, to transform your life!





Dr. Joe Vitale also endorses the use of this type of technology.


He says, “This is BRILLIANT – and it WORKS!





Create The Life, Relationships, Success,
Health And Happiness That You Want!


As I continued delving into the work of psychologists, I understood more and more WHY this technology was so powerful.


World-renowned psychologist Dr. Gary Casaccio ALSO endorses this type of technology.


He is all too familiar with how much ‘conflict’ our conscious and subconscious minds can have, and how ‘stuck’ people get as a result of that.


He states: “It is great to have a tool that works directly on the subconscious mind… to assist us in creating the life, relationships, success, health and happiness that we want.”





David J. Schwartz, author of the international bestseller The Magic Of Thinking BIG, writes: “The mind is what the mind is fed.”


In other words, feed your mind positive affirmations, and you have a positive MINDSET!


Feed your mind a steady diet of “I earn £40,000 a month”, and your financial thermostat becomes accustomed to—and ‘regulated’ at—the £40,000-a-month income level!




David J. Schwartz adds, “When you BELIEVE something can be done, really believe… your mind will find the ways to do it.”


Well guess what! That’s EXACTLY what this software DOES! It convinces your subconscious that YOUR GOAL IS POSSIBLE! Better yet, that it is possible for you!


Marisa Peer, a famous psychologist from the UK, has stated: “Here is how your mind works: to succeed at anything, you have the make unfamiliar familiar.”



What better way to make the unfamiliar ‘familiar’ than by programming your subconscious mind thousands of time a day with the new reality or identity you want to create? :)


THAT is why this software tool is SO powerful.



My Offer To You TODAY


Because I KNOW how incredible this software is, I spent $20,000 to obtain the technology and UPGRADE it, to make sure I could provide it to my family members and coaching clients, and make it available for PC computers and laptops as well as for MAC computers and laptops! (the original wasn’t)


Originally the price was $497, but today you can get your hands on your very own Prosperity Power™ software for just $97!


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Science CONFIRMS The Power
Of Subliminal Messages



Over and over again, scientific studies show the extraordinary power of subliminal programming to produce powerful transformation in people’s lives, including increasing confidence, overcome additions, learn better and improve academic results, increasing athletic performances, and even reverse ageing.










What Are the FEATURES Of
The Prosperity Power




The Prosperity Power™ software consists of over 40 programs for you to choose from.


And with its easy ‘Edit’ function, you can create THOUSANDS of bespoke subliminal programs tailored to your specific needs and your specific goals!



Some of the programs featured in the Prosperity Power™ software include:








Here are some examples of the positive affirmations that each unique subliminal program contains:






















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If You Learn The Secret To Using

This Invisible Power, You Can Be, Do,

and Have… Anything.



You can the opportunity today to finally tap into your invisible power…


Don’t let this slip you by. Other people are taking advantage of this as we speak, creating magnificent lives for themselves and their families. Shouldn’t you do the same?




Over the years I have had the chance to teach my ‘secrets’ and strategies to audiences all over the world. Very often my clients produce EXTRAORDINARY results, very quickly…



























Price: $497 Today $97







I look forward to hearing of your many success stories in due course,

and I look forward to meeting you at one of our live events in person.


To Your Success,


Mark Anastasi

C.E.O, Inspired Marketing Group