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From The Desk of Mark Anastasi,

C.E.O of Inspired Publishing Ltd and author of the

New York Times Bestseller The Laptop Millionaire






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Date: 9/16/2017



Dear Freedom Seeker,


My name is Mark Anastasi, and I am the author of the New York Times Bestseller The Laptop Millionaire.


I’m here to help you change your life and help you finally start attracting prosperity into your life.



If You Are FED UP With…



I have helped thousands of people all over the world achieve success and I want to tell you that if YOU are FINALLY fed up with…


·        Struggling to pay off debt and living day by day just barely “getting by…”


·        Feeling like no matter how hard you try you never seem to be getting ahead…


·        Feeling like life is just passing you by and you’re spinning your wheels


·        Feeling trapped in a life of lack and limitation…


·        Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by debt…


·        Feeling like you’ve tried every program, training, or scheme out there but you’re still unable to attract the prosperity you seek…


…I can HELP YOU because I’ve been there and done that. And I HAVE the answer you’ve been looking for all these years.  


You see, there is an easier, faster way to overcome your struggles and finally attract prosperity once and for all.


I turned it all around when I went from broke to millionaire in just 18 months, so I know what works.


But first, you need to understand that…


You did not land on
this page by accident.


You are MEANT to be right here. Reading this letter. Right now. Nothing in life happens by pure accident.


Life—your intuition—has brought you here right now because THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME for you to experience all the freedom, joy, love, and abundance you’ve always wanted.


Today, you have the opportunity to transform your life and BREAK FREE from a life of lack, limitation, and financial worries.


You are about to walk on A NEW PATH of unlimited prosperity. If you are here now this is your destiny.


You no longer have to fight and claw your way success and prosperity. You don’t have to delay living out your true purpose.


You have the opportunity TODAY to finally start living with passion and manifest wealth beyond your wildest dreams.


But before I show you how this is all possible, I want to tell you…


I Understand How You Feel


I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in a money rut. I know how frustrating and deeply disappointing it can be.


When my father lost his job in 1990—he worked as a journalist, in Greece—things went from bad to worse. We were constantly struggling just to pay the bills.


At age 18 I left for England, to try and make a better life for myself. But things didn’t go as planned…


I ended up working as a security guard for 2 years, getting paid just £3.25 an hour.


(Well… I did get a raise to £3.75 an hour the second year I worked there…)




Working as a security guard in Banbury, Oxfordshire, in England

—for minimum wage—only got me further into debt.



The cost of living in England was too expensive. I was surviving thanks to credit cards... In fact, I had 8 credit cards and got into £7,000 of credit card debt within three years.


These were the go-go years where banks were mailing credit cards in the UK to anything with a pulse!


I tried my hand at telesales for a while, hoping to earn enough to pay off my debts, but I hated it. I made just 1 sale in 14 months…


Unsurprisingly, I got FIRED from that job.


I Felt Useless and Depressed. And Then
Things Got Worse. MUCH Worse.


I couldn’t find another job. I felt useless. My self esteem was at less than zero


Before long, I fell into a deep depression, and I could barely muster enough energy to get out of bed.


Three months after getting fired, I got kicked out of my apartment. I hadn’t paid the rent in months.  


I was 21 years old, broke, and I didn’t have anywhere to go. I couldn’t bring myself to tell my parents back home what had happened... The shame and guilt was too much…


So I ended up spending the night in an abandoned building, with 20 or so homeless people.


derelict building


I lived in an abandoned building in London for

five months, before discovering the secret that would change my life forever…




“You’re a loser... You’re pathetic… look
at yourself… you should kill yourself…”



Little did I know that this would become my HOME for the next 5 months!


The windows were all smashed out, and plywood was nailed against the openings to keep the cold out. We were “illegal squatters”!


I kept beating myself up about what I had let happen to my life. I couldn’t sleep, because of the constant barrage of negative thoughts in my head…


“You’re a loser... You’re pathetic… look  at yourself… you should kill yourself…”


One morning I just started running. And I just kept running… until all I could feel was PAIN. Anything to make those negative voices STOP.   


It was pouring down with rain. I was cold, wet, and my chest was burning from the cold air rushing into my lungs...


I ran into the empty Old Brompton Road cemetery, in Earls Court, and kept running to the far end of it, where I collapsed among the tombstones, sobbing.


I lived in an abandoned building in London for


I Didn’t Care If My Life
Ended In That Moment


There was no one around.


I was ready to give up and have my corpse be pushed into one of the open graves next to me… I didn’t care if my life ended in that moment.


After a short while, I looked up, and I noticed one of the tombstones.


‘Matthew Smith… 1622 to 1643’…

There were a few words about this man’s life, his profession, his family.


This young man had died in his early twenties, a similar age to my own.


I thought to myself, “What would it say on my epitaph, if I died today?” 


What COULD it say? I hadn’t DONE anything with my life YET!


That’s When I Got ANGRY!

I Hadn’t GIVEN Anything!


In that moment I got ANGRY. I hadn’t GIVEN anything. I hadn’t DONE anything yet with my life!  


I decided that this would NOT be the end! In fact, this was just THE BEGINNING!


I stood up, and I VOWED that no matter what…


…I was going to turn around my finances…


and when I did


I would devote the rest of my life to helping other people do the same!


Just a month later, in November 2003, I learned of a personal development seminar that was taking place just a mile away from me (I could walk there! …no need for expensive public transport to get to it!)   


The only problem? The ticket to attend cost a whopping £300 (a FORTUNE!)


Everyone Around Me

Thought I Was Crazy.


This was the equivalent to TWO MONTHS OF FOOD for me!


Or, if I still had an apartment… a whole month’s RENT!


They might as well have been charging £300,000 to attend!


And yet, I threw caution to the wind.


With the last remaining credit on my EIGHTH credit card… I bought a ticket to attend this seminar.


Everyone around me told me I was crazy.


“You’re going to lose your money!”

“These things never work!”

“What? You think you can change your life? Get Real!”

“Who do you think you are anyway?!”


But I didn’t listen.


“What have I got to lose?” I thought to myself.


I came to the conclusion that…


Even If I Only Get ONE Idea That Can
Change My Life, It’s Worth The Investment!”


I didn’t want to live with the REGRET of not having taken that chance.


And I rationalized that every decision I had made up until that point had been wrong…


so, making the exact OPPOSITE decision to what I would normally do, well… it was BOUND to bring me on a different path!


So, In November 2003 I attended this seminar.


What I learned there… CHANGED MY LIFE.





“Your Subconscious Mind MUST Be Aligned
To Your Desires Or Nothing WORKS!”


The first thing I discovered was that it is our psychology that determines what DECISIONS and CHOICES we make, and therefore it determines our RESULTS in life. 


Negative beliefs, limiting beliefs, and negative ‘neuro-associations’ in our brain causes us to SABOTAGE ourselves and PREVENT us from achieving success and happiness.


Your conscious desires… and your SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs…. must be aligned or else your life will simply NOT work!






It might surprise you to find out that most people associate “PAIN” to having a lot of money. Some examples include:


q “People Fight Over Money, So It Is Better To Not Have Any.”

q “What If I Make A Lot Of Money And Lose It All? Then I’m Really A Failure!”

q “Rich People Are Greedy, Exploitative, Selfish. But I Am A ‘Good’ Person…”

q “It’s not fair that some people have more than others… so I’ll remain poor…”

q  “Money Is The Root Of All Evil… so it’s better if I don’t have any…”

q “In Order To Make More Money I’ll Have To Work Harder And I Won’t Have Time To Enjoy It, So Why Try?”

q “Money Doesn’t Buy You Happiness…  Money Can’t Buy You Love.”

q “If I Make A Lot Of Money I’ll Get Sucked In. What About My Spiritual Side?”

q “If I Get Rich, Everyone’s going to want a handout…”


With subconscious beliefs such as these, it is IMPOSSIBLE to succeed in life, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to attract a lot of money. These people are “psychologically wired” to repel money!


In other words


Some People Are WIRED For Success,
And Others Are Wired For FAILURE!



By going through the psychological process I discovered, I found out that I had 44 negative beliefs about money! I was an incredibly powerful… “MONEY-REPELLENT!”


So I spent 3 days eliminating each and every one of these beliefs...


I was re-programming my mind for SUCCESS!


28 days later I had my own internet business bringing in more than $300 a day in passive income.


I went from ZERO… to making more than $10,000 a month!




I Went From ZERO To Making
More Than $10,000 a MONTH!


Picture this…  you wake up every morning and find out you have already made $300 or more…


…while you were sleeping!


How amazing is that?!


By reprogramming my mind for success, everything I touched turned to gold. It was like MAGIC!


I no longer sabotaged myself. I no longer made the WRONG decisions. EVERYTHING always fell into place effortlessly and my life started working.


Just 18 months later, my business had generated more than one million pounds – £1,160,000 to be exact. My income had gone from £8,000 in 2003, as an employee… 


…To a whopping £1,160,000 by 2006! 





IMAGINE How Different Life Can Be…


As you can imagine, my life changed pretty quickly…



Reading Steve Jobs’s biography in the Maldives



Enjoying the Chromata hotel on the island of Santorini



Attending a Millionaires’ Retreat on the island of Bermuda, in the Caribbean



Skiing in Val d’Isere, in the French Alps



Attending detox retreats at The Sanctuary, on the island of Koh Phanang in Thailand




Holidaying in Saint Tropez in the South of France


Spearfishing with my friends on the island of Paros


Enjoying the Iru Fushi resort in the Maldives



Staying at the 5-star Anassa resort on the island of Cyprus




Horse riding across the Giza Plateau in Egypt 



Skiing in the beautiful Tatras Mountains of Slovakia



NASCAR Race car driving in Alabama, USA





Sailing with our friends in Corfu



Getting married on the island of Santorini…





…and starting a family…






I love organizing retreats for my high-end coaching clients… it’s so much fun!




You can imagine my friends’ surprise when they saw my book—a New York Times

Bestseller, no less— on display at major airports around the world…




More than 16,000 people from around the world have attended my live seminars,

where I have shared the secret to attracting prosperity…


I love teaching my strategies during live seminars. In the last few years I have been on more than 300 flights around the world and more than 16,000 people have attended my live events.


In fact, I recently held a live seminar at a 5-star resort on the island of Cyprus, where I revealed the secrets to attracting MONEY into your life as if by MAGIC!







The good news for YOU: we filmed the entire event and I have included the videos in a brand new course titled “Unleash The Millionaire Within”!


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q How To Unleash The Millionaire Within You


q How To Start A Business With No Money Down


q Why You Must “Go Within” To Make Your Fortune


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q How Your 'Invisible World' Creates Your 'Visible World'


q Why A Simple Change To Your Values Changes Your Destiny


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As well as the videos from the live “Unleash The Millionaire Within” seminar, you are ALSO getting my 7-step “Millionaire Mind Academy” course that consists of seven training videos and seven PDFs…





In Step 1 (“Get Clarity”) you will discover…


q Why “Clarity is Power

q How to Discover your Life Purpose

q How to finally find out who you really are and what you really want

q Why you experience “personal crisis” when you fail to listen to your soul

q The “200 reasons why” rule

q Why “Knowing Yourself” is the most stabilizing thing you can do in your life.

q How to get your life to finally “take off”

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In Step 2 (“Develop Your Millionaire Mind”) you will discover… 


q 10 Ways To Expand Your “Abundance Consciousness

q Why absolutely anyone can become a self-made millionaire

q How to discover how magnetic you are to money

q How to transform your life thanks to The Millionaire Mindset

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q How your invisible world creates your visible world

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q The “Resonation Game” Principle

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…and much, much more!



In Step 3 (“Identify & Eliminate Mental Roadblocks”) you will discover… 


q How to resolve inner conflicts about money

q How to identify subconscious “roadblocks” to financial prosperity

q Why low self-worth issues from childhood can lead to self-sabotage

q Why lottery winners and people receiving large inheritances lose their money

q The problem with thinking like a “business opportunity seeker”

q How to adjust your “Financial Thermostat” to high

q How to eliminate limiting beliefs quickly and easily

q Bonus: How to identify the limiting beliefs that keep you single!

q Bonus: How to identify the limiting beliefs that keep you overweight!


…and much, much more!



In Step 4 (“Reprogram Your Mind”) you will discover… 


q How to change your mindset thanks to FOUR powerful techniques

q The importance of planting “thoughts of abundance” in the garden of your mind

q The great command that calls forth creative power—the most powerful creative statement in the universe!

q What the Greek shipping magnate Onassis would do over and over again before a business meeting

q Why 68 seconds of visualization can be equivalent to 200,000 action-hours

q The four magical feelings that attract money into your life

q Why “the mind is what the mind is fed” and what this means about your income

q The SECRET to reprogramming your subconscious mind


…and much, much more!



In Step 5 (“Raise Your Game”) you will discover… 


q Why You Are ALREADY Amazing

q Why raising your vibrational frequency attracts prosperity to you like a magnet

q 30 Tips For Boosting Your Happiness

q How To Eliminate Depression Quickly, Naturally, and Easily and Win The Game of Life

q The 7 Steps To Solving Any Problem

q Why “incompletions” lower your energy

q How to remove “Energy Vampires” from your life

q How to visualize the POWER ARCHETYPE in every cell of your body

q How to use “release work” to let go of the past and open up your finances

q Why Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t look a day over 40


…and much, much more!



In Step 6 (“Create Your Future”) you will discover… 


q The Most Powerful Goal-Achievement System In The World

q Why 99% of goal-setting FAILS (and the ONE secret to make it WORK)

q The “whole-brain harmonizing” technique that manifests your goals

q How To Powerfully Energize Your Goals and get your life back on track

q How to Create Your Future exactly as you want it to be


...and much, much more.



In Step 7 (“Master Your Money”) you will discover… 


q How to finally take control over your finances and make your money work for you

q Why money doesn’t go where it is needed most

q The cash flow patterns of wealthy people

q How to raise your financial standards

q 7 ways how you can save more money right now

q The most powerful wealth accumulation process ever discovered

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q Why debt is a deficit of energy

q The Simple Rule for Loaning Money To Friends or Family

q Predictions about the coming Real Estate and Stock Market Crash

q Which commodity rose a whopping 3,105% during the great surge of the 1970s

q How To Benefit From The Coming “Great Wealth Transfer


...and much, much more.



../Documents/DOCUMENTS/Projects/Unleash%20The%20Millionaire%20Within%20-%20course/Unleash%20Millionaire%20Within%20cover%20designs/10Times-DVD-500-JPG.jp ../Documents/DOCUMENTS/Projects/Unleash%20The%20Millionaire%20Within%20-%20course/Unleash%20Millionaire%20Within%20cover%20designs/Fasttrack-DVD-500-JPG.jp



This course also includes two extra training sessions titled How To Make 10 Times More Money This Year and “Fast Track To MILLIONS” where I revealed…


q The Business Models That REALLY Make Money!


q The Elegant Business Formula (also known as: "How To Go From Zero To A Million In 12 Months Or Less")


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q The SECRET To Earning 10 Times More Money This Year


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Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.04.20.png Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.04.37.png




Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.05.30.png Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.05.47.png


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Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.13.50.png Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.14.30.png


Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.14.52.png Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.15.09.png












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Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.24.03.png Screen%20Shot%202017-09-09%20at%2013.22.39.png

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To Your Success,

Mark Anastasi

C.E.O, Inspired Marketing Group